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Keep valuable documents safe - the FireKing 2-Hour, 4-drawer File Cabinet is capable of withstanding degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours with contents in. Why Is A Fireproof File Cabinet Needed? · Fire Safe Filing Cabinet Options For Every Budget · Fireproof File Cabinets for Every Office Size. Letter/Legal 2 Drawer Vertical File · UL °F Explosion Test & 30 Foot Drop Test · 1 Hour UL Classified Fire Protection · Water Resistance From Sprinklers And.

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The Most Popular FireKing File Cabinets According to Staples Customers · FireKing Turtle 2-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet, Fire Resistant, Letter/Legal, Beige. Protect your documents & records for up to 2 hours from fire damage with our high quality Fireproof Filing Cabinet range. | The UK's No. 1 Safe Experts. 4 Drawer fireproof filing cabinet to store away those valuable items or documents. This product can't currently be purchased online.

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Fireproof file cabinets are specially built to be fire resistant. Fire proof filing cabinets may also include storage units with locking doors. All FireKing fireproof file cabinets carry UL fire ratings. Fireproof protection that looks good, too. Choose from nine standard colors of FireKing fireproof. Fire Resistant File Cabinet · Prime Equipments And Supplies India Private Limited · Armour Electronics Private Limited · Universal Technologies · ExpertLabo · S.S.